Bon Voyage

Travel the world and create your own unique style!

Juicy graphics, a fantastic selfie feature, hundreds of ingeniously designed levels, gags, bonuses, upgrades and regular competitions guarantee pleasant emotions and put you in a good mood.

Exclusive cars, superpowers, a cute tomcat, amazing music and much, much more!

Discover a new universe!

Start playing now… Bon Voyage!



Buttons.lines is an entertaining, comfortable and domestic environment in which you build a row of five buttons of one colour. Use dozens of bonuses and enhancers, solve hundreds of levels and compete with other players in a Tournament!

Any housewife has a little box with spare buttons. It’s very convenient: if a button gets lost, you need not go to the shops.

The buttons there are of various sizes and colours. Sometimes one awkward movement scatters the buttons, and you must gather them quickly.

But you need to gather five identical ones. If you manage to gather five buttons of one colour horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the buttons go back into the box.


Tower. Demons and angels
strategy of indirect control

The unique synthesis of the universally beloved Three-in-a-row and the no less beloved «tower defence» genre in a colourful fantasy setting with a strong collectibility element and (drum roll) indirect control!

But that’s not all there is to it!

Not only have we imbued each figure with its own personal character and independent behaviour determined only by its individual traits – no, the game also lets the player manage their own virtual sandbox! If you were wondering if a phlegmatic cockroach would vanquish an ant on antidepressants, then this is definitely the game for you! :)

The right choice of collectible characters and due consideration of their psychological peculiarities are a guarantee of victory in any battle. Even in the battle for Earth and the fate of the Universe. In combining these mechanisms and adhering to the «easy to learn – hard to master» formula, we have wrought fascinating gameplay, infused with a deep storyline which no earthling can ignore.

Graphics, optimisation, setting, concept and – most importantly – fun! Even aliens will stop and stare.

Fight the battle for Earth between two mighty Biblical races, discover the secrets of the universe and turn into the true leader of a victorious army!

Commander, it’s time to act.


Samoletiki live

Are you experiencing an irrepressible desire for wild adrenaline-fuelled games?

Then go for Samoletiki! Statham himself would envy this injection of utter craziness.

No realism whatsoever, just good clean fun, a dirty drive and addictive euphoria.

Fly to the coolest music and drift at the same time!

Attach a plasma machine gun to your Y-wing and make mincemeat of the enemy’s duckplane, smashing the pilot’s skull with your catapult in an elegant dive from your cockpit!

Get captured on camera in the tradition of the world’s best action movies; rise to fame! Or teabag your opponent and show off with a bombastic posture at the end of the round!

This is what we call a fucking insane GG that blows you away. Customisation of planes and weapons, dozens of multiplayer modes, dynamic 3D graphics and shockingly easy steering. Basically, bro, no time to explain but just have a seat at the steering wheel (or whatever you’ve got there) and KICK ASS!



Unexpected Adventure: a card game in a SciFi setting which has in many ways been inspired by Reigns, and some other game too.

The year 2122. The land is spent and dead. Humanity is constructing the Spaceship of Generations using its last ounce of strength and resources. The best minds, the newest technologies, the last chance and one single objective. Terra Nova. Our race needs a great leader. Maybe you will be that leader? What were you thinking? That to command a giant spaceship and become a great leader would be easy? Try solving the problem of the rebellious maize without angering the Ethics Committee! Are you seriously thinking that you can cope with this, that your implants and augmentations are going to help you? What, then, if they doctor your drink with cosmic heroin? And if your crew desires to submit to an alien race in sexual slavery? They might even want to become robots! The universe is not an icy void, far from it! We are talking adventures, space zombies, evil and peaceful aliens, battles, a maelstrom of opportunities and action. Futurama simply can’t hold a candle to it. And that universe is all yours.

Difficult problems without an obvious solution, philosophical choices and lots of humour will add charm to your journey to Terra Nova even if the danger of painful death will pursue your for centuries (but still try to avoid it, bro).